Newell Murri

Newell grew up in Utah and graduated from the University of Utah. He then moved to Oregon where he taught high school art and continued his university studies for two years before deciding to move east.He was offered a job in Enfield CT, where he taught for more than 30 years. Soon after relocating, he met his partner Frank. Together, they built a contemporary house in on a hill in Sixteen Acres, Springfield’s most suburban neighborhood.


Now retired, Newell enjoys pursuing creative projects that are unique and to his interest.  "For me there are a lot of energies within the city, both physical and intellectual, that challenge my life long interests in personal growth and development. Libraries, colleges and a good many social organizations always present me with new sources of materials that I often use in my work".

 He feels that there are many creative people doing divers and varied projects in the arts in Springfield.  Equally as important, there is a population of supporters of the arts. “After all,” he adds, “we all would like an audience for our work.”

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