Karan Parkin & Marianne Winter

Karan and Marianne live in the McKnight neighborhood

Marianne, originally from the Syracuse NY area, met Karan when she moved to Worcester for a job. After 13 years in a rural town, they decided to move to a larger town or city. Karan, who grew up in Central Massachusetts, stumbled across Springfield on the Internet and was “floored” by the great houses and reasonable prices. They married and moved into their Victorian home in June, 2004.


Karan is a consultant for web site and graphic design. Marianne is a consultant for nonprofit and governmental agencies which work with sexual abuse and domestic violence. Their home is spacious enough so that they both work from home and even collaborate to provide services to some clients.


Although first concerned about how they would be accepted a lesbian couple, they soon found the new neighbors to be welcoming and friendly. Marianne now serves on the neighborhood council and says she no qualms introducing Karan as her spouse. They enjoy neighborhood card games with gay neighbors and are looking forward to participating in a new neighborhood GLBT yoga night.


After only a few years here, they know more people than they ever knew in 13 years in their previous location! Karan adds that Springfield has more quality houses, more things to done, and is much friendlier than Worcester.

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