Earskin Sloan & Michael Roche

Earskin and Michael live in the East Springfield neighborhood

Earskin moved from his hometown of Rochester NY for a job opportunity in Springfield. Michael moved to Springfield from the nearby town of Palmer. They now live together in the Sixteen Acres neighborhood of Springfield.

Earskin works for a major manufacturer in the region. He is an amateur photographer and has recently started a small business as a portrait and event photographer. Michael spent 20 years in various human services positions but is now a non-denominational minister and public notary.

Michael and Earskin enjoy Springfield’s small town feel and big city amenities with cinemas, restaurants, parks and services convenient to their home. They feel that Springfield's downtown night life is second to none with cultural events at Symphony Hall and City Stage as well as dining and dancing, all within walking distance of hotels for when friends and relatives visit.

 As a gay couple, they love the eclectic network of friends and acquaintances they have made over the years, which makes Springfield a wonderful place to live. Whether a dinner party at a friend’s home, gay bowling, or Symphony gala, they value and enjoy the growing GLBT community. “There is a vibrant gay community and those who support us here in Springfield, and we see it getting stronger and more diverse each year,” says Earskin. 

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