Brian Connors & Ben Murphy

Brian and Ben live in the Atwater Park neighborhood

Ben is a Springfield native who went to college in Rhode Island, where he met his partner Brian. They moved to eastern Massachusetts for several years and then to Springfield when Brian accepted a position with the City of Springfield. Ben works for a nonprofit a few towns away, an easy commute on Interstate 91, and is active in the Springfield Preservation Trust, the city's historic preservation organization. Together, they are refurbishing their 1923 Colonial Revival home.


Ben thinks Springfield has a great sense of place and community and loves that there are many close amenities such as a variety of restaurants, parks, and convenient neighborhood stores. He also likes being near so many great places: quick trips to the Berkshires, New York, Boston and beaches of Rhode Island, without the expensive price tag.


“I love the wonderful collection of historic buildings throughout the city and the stories they tell of the past. Since moving back to Springfield in 2007, I have met so many people in the GLBT community who live in Springfield. Martini Night is a great event that brings together many in the gay community, and my involvement with the Springfield Preservation Trust has acquainted me with many community activists who are great people,” he adds.

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