Great houses at great prices in a GLBT-friendly city

Springfield, Mass is consistently ranked among the most GLBT friendly in the country. In fact, the US Census reports that Springfield, MA was among the top ten cities in the US with same-sex couples according to the 2010 census.  Advocate magazine named Springfield the "2nd gayest city" in the U.S. in 2013, and gave Springfield's Baystate Medical Center one of only 8 perfect scores nationwide on its Healthcare Equality Index in June 2011. We may not be as famous as some other gay hubs, but we have a lot of GLBT folks happily living here.

We live in all parts of the city but are most visible in Downtown, McKnight, Forest Park, and Ridgewood/Maple Hill area of Six Corners.

In the past few years, gay and GLBT folks have moved here from places such as Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Boston solely for the value of our houses and our ease of access to the region. Here, you can get a jumbo house without a jumbo mortgage, and you can get legally married!

Springfield is conveniently located.

    ½ hour to Northampton and Hartford CT

     1 hour to Berkshire Hills ski slopes, Tanglewood, and Jacob’s Pillow Dance

      1½ hours to Boston and Connecticut shore 

       2½ hours to New York City and Ogunquit ME

       3½ hours to Provincetown

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